Everest 2012

Mai 12

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We (Matt, Mollie and I, aka "the kids") are about an hour away from basecamp in Gorak Shep on our way back up after our rest days down valley. We'll have a rest day and then depending on the latest weather, we'll probably head up the mountain on the 14th, aiming for the summit window around the 18th-20th. Exciting stuff! Attached is a photo of Everest (the black looking mountain on the left) taken in the Western Cwm.


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    2012-05-13 17:49:39 Nicolle says: Matthew reports via telecon, ready to make move from BC tomorrow morning 13..05.2012. Family and friends support is just the best to keep their spirits high and remain positive on what will be a tough few days. What an inspiration 'the kids' are!! Stay safe and come home to all who love you so very much. x Nicolle (Matts Mum).
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    2012-05-12 20:46:56 Kate_e_smith@live.co.uk says: Delighted to hear all going well. It seems a long time since your last attempt Becky and what an eventful year for you. You have crammed so much into the last twelve months, going to Uni would be enough for most young people.You are nearly there now so good luck once more Kate (Isadora)
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    2012-05-12 15:28:10 Jane Thompson says: Brilliant news! Good luck! Hope all goes really well, looking forward to hearing all about it! See you soon then! :D xx
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    2012-05-12 09:06:56 Mum and Dad says: Great news-we're with you every step of the way. Hope all goes well on the summit push (and coming back down!!) Tread carefully my little one, stay safe and be strong. Love you sooo... much. Scott sends his love and a big hug!! See you soon!!! xxxxx
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    2012-05-12 09:01:53 443 Unthank Road says: Hope all goes really well we are thinking of you Go Becky Go!! We (your dad and I) are "wetting the baby's head" this afternoon with Alex and friends! love David, Dee and boys, and Granny, and of course your Mum and Dad!! (and Vicky and Cameron)

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