Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

Nov 09

Dispatch #3

Published at 12:38
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Finally on our way. Sunday after noon the ferry steamed out from Puerto
Montt. This very scenic voyage takes you normally all the way down to Puerto
Natales, but we will jump ship close to St. Raphael. There we will be taken
ashore in a rubber dingy to start out real trek.
We have already been up on the bridge for a briefing with the captain to
ensure our selves we all are coordinated on the exact coordinates. In this
area you find hardly any roads or other means of transport. The ferry is IT,
so we have one chance to hit our spot.
So for now it is just to lean back, enjoy the 'cruise', observe that the
landscape looks very similar to Norway and take encouragement from the
snowline that keeps creeping closer and closer to the water.


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