Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

Nov 16

Dispatch #10

Published at 08:38
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Fantastic day

Camp 6: What a day! It has been one of those rear days that completely
overwhelms you. The sun was out. And together with black clouds, blur
icefalls, white snow and raging mountains that plays hide and seek in low
clouds and fog it was a light show like no other.
It was even nice and war. For several hours we were just strolling around in
our under shirts and even got a solid tan.
The distance is just 4 km, but that was due to 2 small but wild icefalls.
Lots of crevasses and most hidden in loose snow meant we had to have max
security and even use ice screws.
Now we are in camp, enjoying dinner. We are on a beautiful flat plateau and
have packed the crampons down for good. At least till we reach the other
Can¹t wait for tomorrow.
  • Name: Camp 6
  • Elevation: 969 m
  • Latitude: 46° 4014South
  • Longitude: 73° 4041West


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