Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

Nov 24

Dispatch #19

Published at 11:57
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Camp 14: We have had the most perfect day. Not a single cloud, excellent
snow and a landscape out of another world. The mountains here are not only
dramatic, but the weather down here plasters them with snow and ice. It is
like they are dressed up in a fairytale world. How the ice can cling onto
those ultra steep mountain sides are beyond belief. It is like walking in a
japanees comic strip, your fantasy cant quite cope with it all.
Vi put 23 kilometres and a 1000 metre vertically behind us today. That was
excellent and due only to the superb conditions. The first part was easy,
but then we entered the upper part of the Stephan Glacier and crevasses
started to appear. We soon had to rope up as it became pretty wild as we
zigzaged onwards.
In this reflection bowl the sun was unbelievably strong. The radiation here
is really high. Our faces will stay tanned forever, and we used just
undershirts most of the day. That was very comfortable, apart form for
Bengt. His Brynje Mesh shirt was not the thing to have. It is brilliant most
always, but not against the sun. See photoŠ
We have now camped in an enormous crevasse field as we see down the glacier.
But we can se both some moraines and some good step-off points. But we are
in no doubt the next days will be adventuroues.

  • Name: Camp 14
  • Elevation: +500 m
  • Latitude: 47° 2332South
  • Longitude: 73° 4131West


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