Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

Nov 26

Dispatch #21

Published at 23:49
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Camp 16, Bent reports: This was a big, big day. It started pretty wildly
with us trying to jump off the Stephan Glacier. It was all a very rough ice,
ups and downs and sledges that was not keen to cooperate at all. But at
1130am we stepped onto the moraine.
Then we repacked from sledges to backpacks and the carrying could start. The
rest of the day we followed the moraine and late in the afternoon we set
foot on Œreal¹ land. By that the Northern Glacier was crossed, and this part
of our adventure behind us. Now awaits the next. Walking down and towards
the laguna, and on.
But first, we just enjoyed the day. It was wonderful to light a bonfire and
smell all the earthy smells. This is called the horse Camp, and was the very
first sign of human activity since we left. A truly great day.

  • Name: Camp 16
  • Elevation: +150 m
  • Latitude: 47° 2750South
  • Longitude: 73° 4150West


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