Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

Nov 29

Dispatch #23

Published at 14:30
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Camp 18 etc: The day started with a huge egg, meat and fresh milk breakfast.
That came good at we had to carry down to the Laguna. Luckily the horse took
some of the weight.
At 1pm the boat came. With our somewhat useless spanish it was a relief. The
voyage over to Tortel took 4 hours. In a way, this is the end of our
journey. Here is the first shower. Here is the first bed, and here is the
first ordered dinner! Tortel do not have any Cell phone coverage, BUT more
important, they got connected to the world by road some years back.
So tomorrow, someone will come down with a minibus from Coihaique and take
us back there and close to the nearest airfield. The journey takes 10-12
hours. We will spend one day there before flying to Santiago. There awaits
another night before we board for Norway where we expect to touch down
Wednesday the 2nd.
It has been an extraordinary trip. The landscape unbelievable, the challenge
great, the teamwork perfect and we are all in owe. We plan to repeat the
trip next year, so if you are keen on a multi-adventure just sign up!
Greeting from Bengt, Thorleif and Børge.

  • Name: Camp 18
  • Elevation: +5 m
  • Latitude: 47° 4653South
  • Longitude: 73° 3043West


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