Barbara Hillary Expedition To The South Pole

Barbara Hillary
After retiring as a Professional Nurse, Barbara Hillary became fascinated with arctic travel. She found new challenges learning snowmobiling and dog sledding in the United States and Canada. During this time she became aware that no African-American woman had reached the North Pole. On April 23, 2007, after overcoming many obstacles Hillary reached the North Pole. Barbara is a graduate of the New School University and has earned her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Professional Studies Degrees. As a Gerontology major, Hillary utilized her education to tailor staff development in nursing homes and related facilities to meet the current expectations of the aging population. This approach included a strong emphasis concerning sensitizing the staff to their own aging process, as deliverers of human services to the elderly. Hillary has maintained and active role as an advocate for community improvement and was the founder of the Arverne Action Association, Inc. One of her primary goals was to improve the quality of life in Arverne, New York and the Rockaway Peninsula community. Barbara was the founder and Editor-in Chief of The Peninsula Magazine. The Peninsula was the first multiracial magazine published by an African-American woman in Queens County, New York City. The magazine was a non-profit community focused publication. Hillary has received many noteworthy awards and honors. These have included the “Spirit of America Award” from the National Recreational Vehicle Association, a Special Acknowledgement from the Explorers Club, and awards from Buck Knives and the “Individual of Inspiration and Dedication” award from the Office of the Borough President, the Honorable Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn, New York. In addition, Hillary received a “Special Citation” from The United States House of Representatives, a Resolution honoring and recognizing her achievements introduced by Representative Gregory W. Meeks. She has also been honored by Sri Chinmoy, a noted visionary and spiritual leader, as an "Individual of Inspiration and Dedication".