Trekking for Kids Ecuador 2009 - Mt. Cotopaxi

Nov 10

Dispatch #4

Published at 13:52
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Greetings everyone!

We are rolling thru the Ecuadorian backcountry just like our mission
statement says, "one step at a time"!

The views have been tremendous, and the blisters just as stunning!
Everyone is a little dirty, tired and sore, but enjoying the adventure
and pulling together as a team,

The higher we go, the more important this becomes! We have decided to
bypass going up Rumanhaui instead to focus all our energy on Cotopaxi
prep. Everyone agrees that they need to get a few more miles and a few
more skills to truly feel ready so that is what we are going to do!

Today should be short, but this afternoon will be filled with classes on
how to tie in, use ice axes, crampons, etc.

Stay tuned for more, as this is where it starts to get interesting!

The following pictures are from the past few days trekking across
Cotopaxi national park en route to the mountain. Believe it or not, that
group photo, everyone isnt pointing to a cloud, but Cotopaxi herself!



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