Humpty Dumpty South Pole Expedition

Jan 02

In Punta Arenas

Published at 21:55
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Today Cath, Grant, Rob and Kim had their first look around Punta Arenas. The team did the traditional thing and visited the indian at the foot of the Magellan statue in the main plaza. Rubbing the toe has been a ritual for South-bound expeditions for years, and it has the shine to prove it.

Next we all stopped by the ALE offices to check in and catch up on things. It was great to catch up with some old friends and have a chat. It's been a big and busy season and they're doing an amazing job.

From there we did a little touristing, visiting the local cemetery with it's ornate tombs and interesting hedgerows, before heading down to the foreshore and following the coastal track back into town. Here lunch was in order, so we stopped in for a giant sandwich at Lomit's, another Antarctican tradition. This evening the team are sorting their clothing and gear and will continue getting ready tomorrow. There has been talk of exercise but so far only Kim has actually been out for a run!
- D
  • Accumulated distance: 0 m
  • Distance to go: 111 km
  • Name: Damien
  • Elevation: 35 m
  • Latitude: 53° 946South
  • Longitude: 70° 5423West


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    2012-01-07 04:15:16 Mum says: Nice to hear your voice Robert and glad you are all rested and ready to go
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    2012-01-03 11:18:12 Mum says: Look forward to hearing more news tomorrow. Good night
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    2012-01-03 11:14:41 pottsie says: Must be a lot of excitement building up wanting to get started.
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    2012-01-03 11:07:24 Lucy says: Wow, Humpty Dumpty Team, what an adventure you are about to embark on!! I am so impressed by your generosity, kind hearts, drive for adventure and superior fitness :) All the best for the journey ahead. I look forward to hearing your stories xx
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    2012-01-03 08:12:13 Val says: Thinking of you Robert and praying of course Love Mum
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    2012-01-03 05:13:23 Rob says: As for exercise, Damien's average stride whilst ambling is at least 4.2m and those of us more vertically, and folicaly challenged were revving at the red line trying to keep up at an average of 1.3m per stride. Therefore, we got our fitness in just walking for 7.1kms behind the loping giraffe and feel very good about ourselves to boot!
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    2012-01-03 03:09:29 Fairy says: Try rubbing each other's heads, might work as well as the toe - and keep you warm to boot!

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