Humpty Dumpty South Pole Expedition

Jan 13

Dispatch #16

Published at 01:22
Dispatch created from audio
Cath Murray
  • Accumulated distance: 47.1 km
  • Distance to go: 63.9 km
  • Name:
  • Elevation: 2787 m
  • Latitude: 89° 253South
  • Longitude: 87° 1321West


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    2012-01-14 10:37:30 Amanda says: Great to hear your voice and that things are going well. Lots of love xox
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    2012-01-13 11:28:25 pen and torq murray says: Keep the positive thoughts flowing team. It must be fascinating ! We are thinking of you all and hoping that you are in great spirits.
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    2012-01-13 02:13:14 says: Great fun hearing these daily updates and delighted to know you're safe and having fun. Good luck with the weather. You're almost half way there! Cheers, Nick

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