Hamiltons Cross-Country Adventure 2010

Jun 16

Dispatch #4

Published at 14:34
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Yesterday continued as a day for grubbing!! Leaving the Pancake Pantry
behind, we had a hot drive (100 degrees!) to Memphis. First stop... Neely's
Interstate BBQ, which is known for its BBQ Spaghetti! It was really sweet,
but better than expected. We also sampled a chopped pork sandwich.
Impressions are that Memphians like their bbq drier than Carolinians.
Still its tasty.

Belly's full, we left for Graceland. Neither of us knew much about Elvis
beforehand. We couldn't even name more than a handful of his songs
(Jailhouse Rock, That's All Right), which we quickly learned is an
embarrassment! Quite a house to purchase as a 22 year old. The jungle room
with thick green carpet on the floor and ceiling, and the basement pool room
were our favorites. Later that night, we ate racks of dry rub ribs at
Rendezvous and listened to live music on Beale Street.

Today, we both agree we need to eat some veggies or just fast!!

Driving along the Mississippi river to St. Louis today... looking forward to
seeing the starting point for the Lewis & Clark expedition.

  • Name: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Elevation: +210 m
  • Latitude: 35° 831North
  • Longitude: 90° 37West


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