Hamiltons Cross-Country Adventure 2010

Jun 21

Dispatch #9

Published at 17:33
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After a thunderstorm filled night, we woke up in a wet tent in the Black
Hills. Luckily, the weather had returned to blue skies. We broke camp and
headed northwest on I-90. First stop in Montana was the Custer
battlefield... perfect timing since Chris is reading Nathaniel Philbrick's *The
Last Stand*. Next, we drove on towards Billings, MT. You may have read
that there was a tornado in Billings on Monday. We were there and took
pictures! You can make out the funnel dropping from a monstrous black
cloud. Huge lightning strikes accompanied torrential rain and large hail.
We were forced to pull off under an overpass for 15 minutes.

We pressed on to our destination in the Gallatin National Forest just south
of Livingston. A backroad brought us back to a beautiful campsite along the
Boulder river. It was late and the signs about bear activity in the area
had us nervous! If that was not enough, 4 gunshots rang out at midnight not
too far away from our tent. Neither of us slept well that night!

Headed north toward Glacier next. We plan to break up the trip with a stop
in Lewis & Clark National Forest or an area known as "the Bob" for a night.

  • Name: Falls Creek Campground, Gallatin National Forest, Montana
  • Elevation: +0 m
  • Latitude: 45° 2940North
  • Longitude: 110° 1323West


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