Hamiltons Cross-Country Adventure 2010

Jul 28

Dispatch #22

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Viva Las Vegas!!! Viva! Viva! Las Veegggggassss!!!!

What better way to start the trek east than with a double-double
animal style from In-N-Out and a couple nights stay in Sin City.
Thanks to Papa Hamilton (and Caroline’s dental work on him) we had a
complimentary two-night stay at Caesar’s Palace. There are many ways
to go about the Vegas experience, and a lot can depend on how the
tables treat you. This time, Lady Luck was pulling for the Hammys!
In the process of “teaching” Caroline how to play craps and blackjack,
we managed to win enough money to sponsor a night out on the town.
We enjoyed a great dinner and amazing show (Le Reve) at the Wynn.
During the day, we relaxed poolside… which despite the 105+ degree
heat was very enjoyable (the chilled pool waters helped!).

Now on to the Grand Canyon where we will be trekking down to the base
for a night at Phantom Ranch. Starting to hydrate now…

  • Name: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Elevation: +0 m
  • Latitude: 36° 1030North
  • Longitude: 115° 811West


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