Hamiltons Cross-Country Adventure 2010

Aug 02

Dispatch #25

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After a short drive, we arrived at Bryce Canyon amidst dark clouds.
The weather stalled our plans for one of the park’s longer hikes-
Fairyland or Peekaboo. While in limbo, we checked out the vistas.
Our concerns that Bryce would be too similar to Zion and the Grand
Canyon were completely off base. Instead of a river canyon, Bryce
follows a cliff line that is marked by “hoodoos,” tall rock spires
that have formed after years and years of erosion of an ancient lake
bed. Eventually, we took a hike that was dubbed “world’s best 3-mile
hike” in the NP brochure. The trail led us through the hoodoos down
into the valley and back up through an area called “wall street.” It
was great.

After camping in Bryce, we drove the scenic route (Route 12 -> 24) to
Arches National Park on the eastern side of the state. It was late
when we arrived so we only had time for a quick hike out to Delicate
Arch, but it was well worth it.

Next on to Colorado and New Mexico.

Does anyone know the origin of saying "Rabbit, Rabbit" for good luck
on the first day of the month?

  • Name: Arches National Park, Utah
  • Elevation: +0 m
  • Latitude: 38° 4060North
  • Longitude: 109° 3360West


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