Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

nov 14

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First camp on snow

Camp 4: Another long day, but better. All in all we progressed just 1
kilometer, but everything was better. The weather was good and stayed dry
all day, which meant we have now dried everything.

But the best thing is that we now believe we are done with heavy carrying up
all the mountainous passes with difficult climbing. We did not loos out
direction at all!

Today we even had a good spell on snow! But before we came to that we passed
over a brow and had the mist stunning view yet. The hole forest, the fjord
and the rolling glacier under us. Spectacular!

Tonight we have the first camp on snow and ice. That is a very good feeling,
and we are looking very much forward to getting on skis proper. First camp
on snow.
  • Nombre: Camp 4
  • Elevación: +567 m
  • Latitud: 46° 4119Sur
  • Longitud: 73° 474Oeste


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