Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

nov 15

Despacho #9

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The real Thing

Camp 5, Bengt calls in: The day has been very good. Started out in good
weather on crampons and ice axe. Carried the first load tilt the snowline
and returned for the second run.
Then the bliss started. We put on belts, sledge and skis! It was a wonderful
feeling to do that after all these days as ‘tramps’. The snow and ice
conditions seems to be quite ok, so we are hopeful of good progress further
on. Today we did 6,5 km. Not very much, but still better than all the other
days combined.
I must say the landscape and trip so far has been mind bugging. The
contrasts and dramatic, and just like a fairytail. The weather has been more
familiar. Just like at home in Trønerlag in Norway… a little of everything
all the time.
Everything is fine, apart from a small burn on one foot due to spilled hot
water. But it’ll grow.
As we are out now free of all the mountains we have better satellite signals
and send some new and old pictures. Enjoy!


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