Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

nov 27

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Camp 17: Another extraordinary day. As we are of the (infamous) Œnever go
twice generation¹ we chose to pack it all in one load. So with some 40 kilos
on our backs started the trip down. We must have looked like drunken (or
dying) sailors, as we soon had a Condor floating above. That this carrion
bird at times came as close as 10 metres says volumes about the sight of us
struggling under our backpacksŠ
After some 7-8 km came we upon a very small farm. Here a settler couple
lived with a handful of cows, no electricity and only that the earth could
chip in. It was overwealming to be treated in the way we were.
Later we worked for the food, logging, fetching the cows and getting water.
In the evening we were treated to a real brotherhood gathering. Though we
were deeply embarrassed and sad our Spanish was as bad as it is. But the
Satellite phone helped out a bit.
Through their only means of communication, a VHF radio, we now believe the
husband will take us down the river in his boat tomorrow, and that another
boat from Tortel will pick us up in a day ­ or two.

  • Nombre: Camp 17
  • Elevación: +50 m
  • Latitud: 47° 3226Sur
  • Longitud: 73° 4114Oeste


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