Everest 2012

may 19


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Becky and her team successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Everest this morning about 2am, Saturday 19 May!! They left for the summit bid at about 4pm UK time Friday and I have just seen confirmation that they are now safely back at the South Col/Camp4 as of 7am UK time, where they will probally stay tonight and descend back down to Base Camp tomorrow. I will include more details when I get them. PHEW!! Now I can get on with the washing!! Becky's Mum
  • Nombre: Summit
  • Elevación: 8840 m
  • Latitud: 27° 5917Norte
  • Longitud: 86° 5531Este


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    2012-05-20 20:02:14 Helen, Andy and Alex dijo: Hi what a brilliant achievement well done and waiting for the interview on South Today when you get home! Are you the first, female, 20 year old, alto sax player to have reached the summit??
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    2012-05-20 09:04:06 Debbie, Rob, Will & Ellie Sims dijo: Not sure there are words to be able to match your achievement Becky! This is fantatstic news and we are so pleased you have been able to succeed. You are a true inspiration to us all
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    2012-05-19 22:18:47 Charles and LizBurr dijo: Well done Becky. Great to hear you have done it!!!! Xxxx
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    2012-05-19 20:13:08 Jane Chris David Andy Peter dijo: Woooooop! Massive CONGRATULATIONS! A FANTASTIC achievement! :D See you soon - can't wait! xx xxx
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    2012-05-19 18:29:14 Clare H dijo: Fantastic that you have achieved it, Becky, although just trying is amazing! Liz and I are in awe!
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    2012-05-19 17:45:58 Derek Addison dijo: Stunning achievement well done!
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    2012-05-19 16:07:28 Jess and abdu dijo: Just well donne and come back safe. Chat sono xxx
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    2012-05-19 13:05:56 Diane & Ian (Sweden) dijo: Many, many congratulations, Becky. Very well done. An amazing achievement! You have been an inspiration to us all. We were so delighted to hear of your success. Hope the descent to base camp goes well. Our love and best wishes.
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    2012-05-19 12:38:38 Mum and Dad dijo: WOW!! Amazing! So relieved to hear you are all safe. The more I read about Everest, the more I came to realize what an enormous challenge you had ahead of you and the more scared I became.So impressed with your relentless determination over the last 2 years to achieve your dream. You are such an inspiration to everyone and we are so very proud of you. A huge 'Thank you' to Henry and Rob for making this possible and congrats. to Matt, Mollie & Valerie too. Safe trek down this epic mountain and back home. Can't wait to see you. Love you so much xxxxxx
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