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Chasse sur Rhone to Les Tourettes

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Day 8

Total miles covered today: 75

Total miles covered: 665

Go hard, or go Rhone.

We left at 5.30, it was dark for quite along time, don't tell the gendarmes.

We don't really remember a lot of the ride as we were asleep.

Tom got jumped by a rogue lamppost, it came off better.

We enjoyed roadside delicacies courtesy of our on tour celebrity chef.

It's pretty hot still.

On his quest to urinate in every orifice of France, Chris desecrated a church.

Joe's right hand has stopped functioning. He looks forward to a life of left-handedness and disability.

We had a beer in the slightly posher hotel next door, it was tres expensive.

Another early day tomorrow with a plethora of huge hills, ie the alpine foothills.

Peace out.

  • Nombre: Chasse sur Rhone to Les Tourettes
  • Elevación: ..... m
  • Latitud: 44° 420Norte
  • Longitud: 4° 4759Este


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