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oct 10

Thrashing About in the South Atlantic

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Middle Of The South Atlantic

There's something incredibly romantic about sailing across the ocean with no one around for hundreds of miles and nothing but azure waters from horizon to horizon. The ambience instantly disappears when you realize your boat's passengers consist of eight well-meaning, but sweaty and unshaven men. And there is certainly no romance in getting thrashed from port to starboard by merciless, never-ending waves. Or in the seasickness that has struck many of our team (including your correspondent).

We left the Falklands three days ago. Another 36 hours lies ahead before we get to South Georgia Island. The only obstacle that lies ahead is the intriguingly named Shag Rocks, presumably discovered by a pair of lonely sailors during the early days of Polar exploration.

Next update from the dry, seasick-free beaches of South Georgia!
  • Nombre: Day 3 on open Ocean
  • Elevación: 0 m
  • Latitud: 53° 2038Sur
  • Longitud: 44° 418Oeste


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    2012-10-11 17:14:50 Geoff Kuli dijo: Good luck, Dad and George.
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    2012-10-11 17:04:53 Ico Romero dijo: Mucho ánimo, y muchos besos a Bjorn!
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    2012-10-11 03:45:57 Amy Pierce dijo: Relieved and excited to hear that your adventures are going well (for the most part)! I am looking forward to reading more about this sweaty band of well meaning men :)
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    2012-10-10 21:39:55 Janoneira, Tigre. dijo: Vivan los cientìficos del mundo que ayudaràn a salvar el planeta. Fuerza y constancia!!. Toda la suerte para ese puñado de exploradores del saber. Ten points.
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    2012-10-10 21:26:38 janoneira, tigre. dijo: Es maravilloso saber que los cientìficos, al final, daràn con la clave del cambio climàtico, para que nos recomienden que debemos hacer para salvar el planeta.
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    2012-10-10 13:45:51 GonzaloC dijo: Great to hear from you !!...I thought you were all unable to even say "hi". Furious 50's have gained its reputation not in vain. You are just paying a fair price to enter one of the last paradises on Earth...best wishes from outside. Abrazos!
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    2012-10-10 13:25:36 Camilo dijo: Must be awesome to be following the path of so many early explorers with - more or less - the same way... propelled by the wind... nice!
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    2012-10-10 12:57:10 marie claude bastres dijo: Even though you feel all by yourselves, the powerful hand of God holds you safe! Good arrival to dry land! cariños.

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