South Pole via Kansas Glacier

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The Kansas

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After 15 km skiing up the Reedy under a low ceiling of cloud, we hit a crevasse field that sent us zigzagging on skis then crampons, stepping over cracks and then skiing over narrow and solid snow bridges.

We opened some weaker bridges here and there to peer into the slots and get a healthy perspective on what lies beneath. We carry ropes, harnesses and carabiners to travel safely through threatening regions and in addition ice axes, ice screws and prussiks to effect a rescue should someone fall through which, although possible, is unlikely.

We?re now at the base of the Kansas Glacier having made a right turn onto its untrodden ice. Here is where adventure turns to exploration. In the distance we see the spectacular peak of Kirby Cone, a Matterhorn of the south, we will ski past it in a couple of days.

The wind just came up and is forecast to strengthen over the next three days.


Pics of Ming filming Jade and Paul as they ski up the Reedy, Jade skiing past a crevasse and Heath with Kirby cone in the background.

  • Nombre: Camp 5
  • Elevación: 1012 m
  • Latitud: 85° 3949Sur
  • Longitud: 134° 1522Oeste


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    2017-12-25 07:49:34 Santa dijo: Sorry guys saw u below but just had to take a leak from my sleigh. You know how it is. Treat it as a light shower.
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    2017-12-13 05:58:12 Zofia dijo: Amazing effort and photos. Beautifully written commentary :) Please let Heath know I got the birthday wishes for James! thank you! Hope his heels stop being his Achilles' heel!
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    2017-12-11 03:05:56 cornelisphilips dijo: I thought of your effort this morning sitting in the hot spa after my 500m Chacun a son gout For safety'sake steer clear of openings in ice
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    2017-12-11 00:53:33 Robert Cox dijo: Great pics guys, Let Heath know spent the weekend doing a different type of skiing on the weekend (water skiing). Tom now out skiing his father
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    2017-12-10 22:06:39 Eden Maxwell dijo: Great pics--journey not for the meek
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    2017-12-10 12:32:31 Keith Tuffley dijo: Wow beautiful!

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