South Pole via Kansas Glacier

dic 26


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Ho ho ho? No no no. While others might be sipping champagne, opening gifts, cooking a barbie, loafing at the beach...we were doing it hard. Coupled with the -22c, a 30 knot easterly slammed us all day, wreaking havoc with our direction, distance and digits. By 5pm we?d had enough and called it a day, again searching far and wide for a flat campsite amidst the sastrugi. We fell short 4km of our 17km target. All we need are windless days to pull it back, expected higher up on Titan Dome and closer to the Pole. Our elevation is 2754m and we expect to top 3000 before heading down to pole.

Just about to tuck into Beef Teriyaki from a Tasmanian freeze-dried manufacturer, Campers Pantry. So far their meals have been exceptional. Ming, our resident vegetarian, also reckons every meal has been a stand-out from other brands. Go you guys!

Our no no no day ended up ho ho ho. Paul and Jade visited after dinner, bearing gifts - chocolate santas, bon bon?s and...beautiful engraved hip flasks! Paul did reveal the mastermind behind them, thank you Vanessa! My contribution - Tim Tams.

Happy Birthday Kip!!

1. Can?t quite reconcile this selfie with my Santa hat and snarly face mask
2. Buffeted tent as Ming sorts his camera gear.
3. Our Christmas soir?e


  • Nombre: Camp 21
  • Elevación: 2754 m
  • Latitud: 87° 3619Sur
  • Longitud: 136° 5542Oeste


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    2017-12-26 12:11:22 Mike Ihlein dijo: All, I have just tonight finished reading Pat Farmer’s “Pole to Pole”. Very inspiring! I loved the last line in the book on Pat reaching the end of his 10,000km journey (which I am sure Eric will appreciate) : “Tomorrow, I have a day off, my first in 10 and a half months. I think I will sleep in.” I am full of admiration for all of you explorers and well done so far Jade. Stay focussed! You are all doing a great job! Cheers. Mike
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    2017-12-26 11:10:22 Fred dijo: Merry Christmas Team!!
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    2017-12-26 09:25:49 Keith Tuffley dijo: Merry Christmas Team Jade!
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    2017-12-26 08:30:00 Julie & Dixie dijo: Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy Birthday to your Christmas Baby, Eric! We know what it is to be out there during the holidays. Take care & have fun!
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    2017-12-26 08:19:39 Mike Ihlein dijo: Thinking about you all. Enjoy your Christmas as best you can! Share the moment but above all stay safe. All the best. Mike
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    2017-12-26 08:04:57 dijo: Good Evening Eric & team, you have one certainly: a White Christmas. Best of luck to you all. Stay safe. Greetings from Holland. Xxx willy
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    2017-12-26 07:36:17 Kate Watts dijo: Merry Christmas to you all. Make it back home safe & sound. X

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