South Pole via Kansas Glacier

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happy new year

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I?m keeping this update brief because there?s not much to report - windy day, beautiful parhelia, 18km - and I need to make some calls. Happy Birthday Susy!! And Happy New Year to you all, may it be the best ever, full of adventure and exploration.

1. From left, Ming, me and Heath
2. Jade pulling in to camp (Heath and Paul went ahead to set up tents)


  • Nombre: Camp 27
  • Elevación: 2964 m
  • Latitud: 88° 3317Sur
  • Longitud: 138° 5357Oeste


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    2018-01-02 02:54:27 Adam dijo: Happy new year you southern adventurers!!!! May the wind be at your backs and the year ahead be excellent!!! Thanks for the updates
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    2018-01-01 15:08:05 Lyndy and Heinz dijo: Happy New Year! This morning minus 21 degr. F in Vermont and windchill forecast up to minus 45 F. For the first time in years cancelled New Yers dip into lake.
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    2018-01-01 07:09:17 dijo: Got a picture!!!
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    2018-01-01 07:07:36 dijo: Vervolg:in hope that surgical procedures may succeed. Hugs from me and success. Be careful xxx
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    2018-01-01 07:05:27 dijo: Good new years morning. Congratulations with Susy''s Birthday. Happy New Year. In Holland it start with rain again. I wish you a prosperous trip with advent on the Pole Gottegod a pictures of your Dad this morning ande sincerely hope that surgical
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    2018-01-01 06:51:27 Anne Barnes dijo: Happy New Year to you all. Stay safe.

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