Trekking for Kids Ecuador 2009 - Mt. Cotopaxi

nov. 06

Dispatch #2

Published at 14:51
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Greetings everyone! We apologize about the delayed dispatch. Internet
problems last night prevented us from sending! That will happen from
time to time on this trip! Everyone had such a great day yesterday! We
spent the morning touring Old Quito and seeing the historical sights
before heading to the orphanage. We showed up with toys,toys,toys, and
played till the sun went down! Everything from soccer to basketball to
Frisbee! Getting to know the kids 1st is the most important part of our
work here. Today, we are off to roll up our sleeves and begin some of
the harder work of helping this orphanage, the construction. All of the
money we raised has been put to good use, and now it is time for us to
pitch in with the kids and help with some of the mid project touches! It
promises to be a long day, as we will then return to the hotel and start
packing for our trek! Today as it has cleared up, hopefully we will get
our 1st glimpse of our final destination, Cotopaxi!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures soon!
  • Name: Quito
  • Elevation: +2990 m
  • Latitude: 0° 1344South
  • Longitude: 78° 316West


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