Iceland On Foot

Remi Mcmurtry
Born in America before moving to France and then at age 6, Germany. Remi is no stranger to travel. Spending his late childhood and teenage years living in the Alps brought on a love for the outdoors and upon joining the Scouts this became a passion. During his summer and winter holidays Remi partook adventure camps in the French alps, Switzerland and the Pyrenees. During school Remi discovered climbing and began to push his boundaries into long distance trekking. Spending two weeks at age 12 in a remote shepherd village in the french southern alps taught Remi how to live in challenging conditions with 35 others, they also summited several of the surrounding peaks up to 3400m high. Other childhood trips included a self organised trek among several peaks in the Sierra Nevada and trekking in Yosemite National Park in the USA. In 2008, Remi began to work towards the French BAFA (Brevet d'aptitude aux Fonctions d'Animateur) qualification, a diploma for youth leaders. During the summer of 2010 this experience was put to good use as a camp counsellor in the Pyrenees where he led children on both single and multi-day hikes in the mountains. Remi is also a fanatical skier. Through the winter of 2010 he worked as a ski instructor for a German alpine association the DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein). Remi is now living in Scotland and studies Environmental Science and Outdoor Education at Stirling University, and having taking his Summer Mountain Leader training is currently working toward assessment.
Will Copestake
Born and Bred in the town Ullapool in the North West Highlands of Scotland Will has been immersed in the outdoors his entire life. Will's Childhood was spent extensively exploring the many outdoor sports on offer ranging from whitewater and sea kayaking to sailing and even climbing the many local mountains. During his last year in Highschool Will found employment as a lifeguard as well as being a full-time deckhand on a local Tour boat. At age 18 Will embarked on a gap year to New Zealand which was spent extensively solo trekking the "Great walks" system amongst many other trails. It was during this time that a passion in photography was developed which continues to this day. During his travels in New Zealand Will also worked as a Dept. of Conservation Hut Warden on the volcanic Tongariro park. Now safely back in Scotland Will is currently a student at the University of Stirling and is studying a degree in Environmental Science and Outdoor education. Having endured the harsh highland weather working on a Fish farm in the North West, Will has managed to raise the funds to help support his next expedition which is to cross Iceland. If all goes well Will intends to become a professional photographer and/or mountain guide by the end of his degree.