Sarychat/Fersmana 2011

Jul 25

Dispatch #4

Published at 11:45
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The boys have arrived safely in Bishkek and met up with Ed. Apparently the weather is very hot and they are trying to find sun block! They've managed to do virtually all their food shopping but are just waiting for Ed's visa to be renewed.

Bishkek is the capital of Krygyzstan and, according to Wikipedia, the name is thought to derive from a Kyrgyz word for a churn used to make fermented mare's milk (kumis), the national drink, which I recall the guys drank last year with varying amounts of lip-smacking.

Having travelled a whopping 3,415miles already, they are due to leave for Naryn tomorrow. Good luck guys!

~ george
  • Name: Bishkek
  • Elevation: 800 m
  • Latitude: 42° 5360North
  • Longitude: 74° 460East


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