Sarychat/Fersmana 2011

Jul 27

Dispatch #6

Published at 09:48
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Well, the guys are now out of reach by mobile phone - they will have left the town of Naryn this morning in the truck and hopefully arrive at the (correct!) drop-off point sometime tomorrow, roads and break-downs permitting. Hopefully they will be able to update their location and give some news via satphone.

After being dropped off tomorrow they have three days of load-hauling to get their equipment, food and themselves to basecamp. Hopefully everything will be there by 2nd August which is their designated rest day before the exciting stuff starts happening. I know that the huge walk-in with heavy bags is the bit the guys are least looking forward to, but it will give them a chance to acclimatize as Naryn itself is over 2000m above sea level and it's all uphill from here!

One of the worst bits of the walk-ins is apparently making the river crossings. I think last year there were around four or five crossings made on the walk-in, through freezing cold, fast-flowing rivers often running so fast that rocks are swept along under the water ready to trip you up. I'm hoping that the water levels will be lower for them this year and being dropped off at the right point might mean they have fewer crossings to undertake.

I sent the weather forecast to the satphone for the next days and the pressure is holding steady at 1016mb, with a light wind and very little, if any, rain. Let's hope the stable weather continues for the rest of the expedition so they can bag all their targets and come home safely.

~ george
  • Name: Naryn
  • Elevation: 2044 m
  • Latitude: 41° 2560North
  • Longitude: 76° 00East


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