Humpty Dumpty South Pole Expedition

Jan 07

Dispatch #6

Published at 00:44
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Rob Clarke
  • Accumulated distance: 0 m
  • Distance to go: 111 km
  • Name:
  • Elevation: 669 m
  • Latitude: 79° 4343South
  • Longitude: 82° 4410West


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    2012-01-10 03:52:04 Tatts says: Good to hear your voice mate, sounds like conditions a little different from here on the GC! Travel safe, Tatts
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    2012-01-09 21:40:26 Jay at Big White Ski Resort says: Hi Rob! Greetings from Big White, Canada. We had a special day here on Jan 6. All the best to you and the team. Be safe. Jay
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    2012-01-08 01:32:17 Debbie and Frank says: Keep those extremities covered! Was thinking of you today while skiing - we thought it was cold here at -10 but that would be like summer to you!
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    2012-01-07 15:22:11 pottsie says: Great to hear you voice. I can't imagine how beautiful it must be. Good to hear that the team is on great form. God speed.

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