Humpty Dumpty South Pole Expedition

Jan 11

Dispatch #13

Published at 01:21
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Rob Clarke
  • Accumulated distance: 11.4 km
  • Distance to go: 99.6 km
  • Name:
  • Elevation: 2800 m
  • Latitude: 89° 640South
  • Longitude: 80° 544West


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    2012-01-14 04:15:18 Humpty Downey says: I also have constant wind
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    2012-01-12 00:02:10 Miles S says: Rob - you sound so calm and measured, despite the obvious challenges. I guess hanging around in a tent chatting must be quite relaxing even if it is cold. Go hard - good luck. Keep the updates coming
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    2012-01-11 22:49:14 Lynne C says: Good health Cath. We are all pulling for you five eggs. We love the daily updates. What a great effort, I have no map & a red dot. Will fix. Special love Cath. Good wishes to all. L P P X O.
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    2012-01-11 21:26:07 M&D says: Up and go team prayers with you
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    2012-01-11 11:51:56 Kylie et al says: Praying for Cath's speedy recovery and that you all can avoid any more altitude issues. Twas 31 degrees (plus that is!) driving round Mosman at one stage today - big SW winds and the beginnings of bush fires round Sydney outskirts. BTW, Pat Farmer has run 795kms since landing at Union Glacier and is catching up to you with just under 400kms to go! Reckon you can manage your 16-20kms easily once you get into the swing of it again
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    2012-01-11 08:26:39 Jan Saunders says: Hope cath is feeling better by morning..I'm sure she after being stuck in the tent for 36hrs with the Tall One I'm sure she will be fully motivated to get outta there... teeeheee! Love ya Damo! Good luck and power on Team Humpty!
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    2012-01-11 05:43:31 jeff says: Rob - good to hear your voice. you have some work in fron of you in the coming days. I shall track from Boston where it wont be as cold but close to it ! Per Susans comment - i dont see the map either !
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    2012-01-11 05:04:19 Richard B-J says: Great update - sounds cool in all aspects of the word. You need to do walk the equivalent of 3 x 18 holes of golf per day - tiring stuff but know you & the team are up for it! Keep strong.
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    2012-01-11 03:53:07 Susan says: OK did all that (how on earth did you figure it out?) but I'm not sure it was worth it. What a boring map! Maybe you can also show me how to get my new 4S phone to sync too. Not working. Not happy.
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    2012-01-11 01:48:52 Nicci says: Sounds like a good opportunity to re-group after the first day out! I don't envy how Cath must be feeling. Hope everyone's feeling better and ready to go tomorrow. Suse, click on Go 3D and download the google earth plug in and you'll see the map. Looking forward to tomorrow's update!
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    2012-01-11 01:38:23 Susan says: Poor Cath! Altitude sickness is awful. Does anyone else see the map? I just see a blank square with a dot.

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