Everest 2012

Mar 28

Dispatch #1

Published at 07:38
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Hi everybody!

I leave for Everest (take 2) in 5 days time on Monday so I have set up this site to make it easier for you all to track my progress on the expedition. If you followed the dispatches from DHL Everest Expedition last year or if you've mentioned to me you'd like to receive updates I've added you to the subscribers list. You can unsubscribe if you don't want to get the updates via email.

So, after a huge roller-coaster of a year, I am finally in a position to head back to Everest. Several times throughout the year it's seemed almost certain I wouldn't be going due to issues with university, sponsors, insurance, trying to get confirmation it was safe to return after illness on the mountain last year and, at the last minute, a bout of glandular fever. Thankfully, due to Everest providing such a huge motivation, I've managed to overcome all these factors and I'm finally in a position to get excited about the expedition.

I am so lucky to be sharing the experience with several friends this year, many of whom are also relatively young. 2012 is going to be an exciting year on Everest and I am so fortunate to be a part of it. I feel mentally and physically prepared, and can't wait to get back to the most spectacular environment I've ever experienced.

I'll keep you updated as much as possible with voice updates, blogs and the occasional photo. You can also send messages for free to me via the "send a message to the expedition" box. I read each and every one last year, your support really makes a huge difference.

Please, please also take 2 minutes to make a small donation to the fantastic charity I am climbing for at www.justgiving.com/BeckyEverest It really does make a difference and we sincerely appreciate every donation, however small.

Once again, thank you all for your support.
  • Name: Southampton
  • Elevation: 19 m
  • Latitude: 50° 5410North
  • Longitude: 1° 2433West


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    2024-04-20 03:12:15 lyly19 says: Exciting news! I'm gearing up for Everest (take 2) and I've set up this site to keep Pokerogue you updated on my expedition. Despite some challenges along the way, I'm finally ready and excited to return to Everest. I'll be sharing the experience with friends and can't wait for the adventure ahead.
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    2012-04-06 08:50:21 Dee,David and the boys says: Keep well. Makes the boys running the London Marathon seem easy.Love from David and Dee ( in Japan) xx
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    2012-04-03 09:46:38 Mum says: Good Luck my beautiful girl. Be strong, climb safely. Love you, Mum xx
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    2012-03-31 21:06:41 Kate (Isadora)smith says: Go well and go safely Becky. Good luck
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    2012-03-31 14:23:46 Mike Brennan says: One piece of advice! Aspirin! Have a wonderful time
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    2012-03-30 16:51:51 Chris Sam and the kids says: Best of luck Becky, keeping everything crossed for you again this year. Go and prove those doubters wrong! Onwards and upwards, you can do it. X
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    2012-03-30 13:18:28 Rich says: Good Luck!

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