Everest 2012

Apr 06

Dispatch #2

Published at 03:54
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First update from Nepal! All is going well; we were just about to start our third day of trekking, having stayed in Namche Bazar last night, but have woken up to several inches of snow today so may stay here another night to avoid getting wet feet! Namche is a big village (in the context of the Everest region any way!) so we had only planned to trek for a couple of hours to get away from Namche as it’s very busy.

So far all is going to plan and the group is great. There are 5 of us trekking in together and we keep bumping into others on the way, but everyone seems like really great fun so I love it already. And obviously it feels great to be back.

I took my first photo this morning as before now I had packed my camera battery in the wrong which then went to the wrong village (as we stopped early on the first day due to a torrential downpour), but I have it now so photos so more photos soon if I ever find internet again!

So if it goes quiet it’s probably due to a lack of internet. Remember no news is good news (mum, cough cough)!

And you should all keep up with the Spot GPS which is being carried by Valerie who I am trekking with. It should update constantly so you can see exactly where I am although it currently seems to say we're in Singapore (where Valerie lives) so I'm not sure it's working at the mo. Keep checking back! The link is http://www.findmespot.com/mylocation/?id=7NuyY

Next update when possible!
  • Name: Namche Bazar
  • Elevation: 3450 m
  • Latitude: 27° 4818North
  • Longitude: 86° 4238East


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    2012-04-15 00:52:56 Kate(Isadora)smith says: Looking forward to next news. I realise communications are difficult but will be good to hear how you are all coping.Following quite a few guys who I have never heard of before but are obviously career mountaineers. Great but dangerous life.Cheers Becky.
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    2012-04-06 11:17:50 Kate(Isadora)smith says: I am so busy following Leanna,Mollie,Matt,Phil&Jeff,Axe,Alan Arnette's daily blog (brill) and yourself. I began to think you had got lost but all is well so enjoy.
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    2012-04-06 06:54:33 Mike Brennan says: What a great site you've found here, "simples!" So jealous of your second chance. Just make sure you savour every moment. Well, almost every moment........

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