Everest 2012

May 05

everest 2012

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Becky has just phoned home! All is going very well on her second attempt to climb Everest. She and her climbing buddy, Matt, have now returned to Base Camp for a well earned rest after an arduous climb up to Camp 3. They left BC last Tuesday 1 May and had spent 3 nights on the mountain in very cold and windy conditions. When I tried to tell her about our very cold snap(seems even colder to me having just returned from 2 weeks diving in the Red Sea in temps. +30C!) she wasn't very sympathetic! As always, she sounded very bubbly and in really good spirits, thoroughly enjoying her experience, amongst such a fantastic group of people in such a spectacular location. They have now successfully completed their acclimatization (no headaches this time). There is actually a weather window now which would enable a summit bid but they have to wait for the ropes to be fixed, by which time, the weather is expected to close. So, a frustrating wait of maybe a couple more weeks before a summit bid may be possible. She and Matt will probably go back down the valley tomorrow to rest and recouperate for a few days in one of the mountain villages. Plenty of time for revision then for her uni. exams in June! She is recovering from a cough and things heal quicker at lower altitudes. I have just spent half an hour chatting to Matt's Mum on the phone-very reassuring to speak to someone who really understands what it's like to have such determined and adventurous offspring!! Happy Birthday Matt for Monday! Apparently, they even make birthday cakes at Base Camp! Thank you so much for all the interest and support in Becky's Everest Expedition. Please keep sending her messages (love the Everest cupcakes on her Facebook page) and donations to her charity Women for Women.

Becky Bellworthy

DHL Everest Expedition 2011





Mobile: +447999 158058

Landline: +441794 516941
  • Name: Everest Base Camp
  • Elevation: 5350 m
  • Latitude: 27° 5958North
  • Longitude: 86° 515East


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    2012-05-09 17:38:16 Roy the summit dad says: Hello you two Matt the paper round is still yours on your return ? no more heavey News off the world papers any more. Hope the Beano reading is on hold and the Bishop bashing has stopped? The task is yours get on with it? let me know when your on the way back? Good luck from the promised land WIGAN. Ta Roy
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    2012-05-08 15:56:33 John TC says: Best of luck Becky!! Take care of yourself up there! Xxx
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    2012-05-08 15:48:57 Nora Russell says: Hi Becky and Becky's Mum! We ave exciting news - G2 the Guardian supplement would be interested in covering Becky's adventure - is there anyway we could arrange for an interviewer to call Becky if she is at lower altitudes at the moment? Best of luck - we are all following your endeavours in the Women for Women office! Nora, Major Gifts Manager at WfWI
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    2012-05-07 11:42:17 Matts Mum says: Friends are never more precious than when supporting each other as much as you two are obviously doing now. Keeping fingers crossed the weather window opens in your favour for a safe summit and return. Matts Mum x
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    2012-05-05 17:51:15 Kate (Isadora) says: Chat to Becky often over last two years.I used to be active, now have four Becks myself so I understand.I'm having a great time following many climbers but Matt and Becky are our own. Regards to them both tell them 'go well & go safely. Cheers Kate. Don't worry they will be fine.
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    2012-05-05 16:13:52 Helen & Kate says: Think you're gonna make it this time Becks!!::)) Love to you and keep safeXX
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    2012-05-05 15:26:57 Jon Gupta says: Good work Becky - hope the ice axe is holding up! All the best when you get your window - same to Matt & Bon too. X
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    2012-05-05 13:39:53 Clare H says: Glad to hear all going so well. Keep it up Becky! Clare

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