Everest 2012

May 20

everest 2012

Published at 13:52
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Another quick update- Becky has just phoned home from Base Camp! Mollie and Matt were still coming down through the icefall, just behind her. She's feeling exhausted but elated, can't quite believe what she has just done. She has some frost nip on 2 toes which is very painful and some big blisters but is still hoping to be able to walk the 30 miles back down the valley to Lukla, after a rest day tomorrow. She summitted at 6am on Saturday morning (local time) becoming the youngest British female to summit Everest, although I see Leanna Shuttleworth has summitted this morning after a challenging climb in strong winds and at 18 has pinched Becky's record. Well done Leanna!!After climbing in the dark for about 8 hours, Becky watched the sunrise over the Himalayas at 5am. Seeing the curvature of the earth and the view-amazing!! She was back to the South Col/Camp 4 by 10am, so a relatively quick return journey of 13 hours in all, which she found easier than some other parts of the climb, such as up to Camp 4! Last night was pretty uncomfortable- the winds were really strong and 4 of them in a little tent. Looking forward to having Becky home next weekend!! Wishing Kenton and his group a successful summit bid too-they left Base Camp early this morning for a summit attempt early on Friday 25th. Good Luck!
  • Name: Everest Base Camp
  • Elevation: 5350 m
  • Latitude: 27° 5958North
  • Longitude: 86° 515East


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    2012-05-23 16:21:22 Nora Russell says: Hi Becky - Well done! We are so proud! Women for Women International actually had a call from the Sunday Times today and they are really keen to interview you! Would you be available for a phone interview once you are back in Kathmandu? If possible do call me on 020 7922 7766 and I can put you in contact with the journalist. Thank you so much, Nora
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    2012-05-22 08:30:42 Phil seaman says: Well done becky! fab news.
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    2012-05-20 22:26:29 The Shills says: Congratulations, we are so glad you have made it and are safe. x
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    2012-05-20 16:46:22 Sue Harper Todd says: Never mind that she's no longer the youngest - just to have climbed it is absolutely amazing....well done Becky great job! x
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    2012-05-20 14:15:20 Kate (Isadora)Smith says: Thanks for all the info it is wonderful to be in at the end when I have followed Becky for so long. My granddaughter went to Uni at some time as Becky and climbed in Africa so know how you feel. Congratulations to Becky & Pals.Wonderful news she's a top girl well done.Congratulations Kate (UK)

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