London to Monaco

Aug 12

Day 1: London 2 Calais

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Day 1 : Finished

Never before have punctures sustained by so few affected so many.

Punctures sustained: 5
Cars used as weapons by woman drivers: 1
Tan lines achieved: 8
Burn lines achieved: 9
Total amount of miles covered: 64
Total amount of miles covered on the hard shoulder of a major A Road (virtually a motorway): 54
Comic falls: 2
Subsequent rounds of drinks owed: 1
Successful cyclists in a suspect Calais motel (complete with flashing neon sign): 5

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The L2M Boys
  • Name: Calais
  • Elevation: 10 m
  • Latitude: 50° 5655North
  • Longitude: 1° 5241East


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