London to Monaco

Aug 15

Soissons to Troyes

Published at 19:57
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Day 4

Total amount of miles covered today: 102

Total miles covered: 339

Joe ('s chain) you are the weakest link GOODBYE.

We kicked off the day with a pleasant ride through the emerald vineyards and verdant hills of the champagne region passing down what was agreed to be our best downhill yet.

In reference to the tagline of todays update, Windell ripped his chain ASUNDER, and if by magic he summoned the road crew to give him some pit stop assistance. Your a wizard now Windell. YOU'RE A WHAT?

Dave is living on the edge.

He diced with vom multiple times and nearly passed out, we believe he may be pregnant, but this is biologically unlikely. He may also be diabetic.

France's dramatic winds provided an olfactory adventure. We smelt rhubarb, marmite and manure finished off with the refreshing odour of after dinner mint. We also saw Time Team France, we assumed they were mining for aforementioned marmite.

Running low on water, and hope, in the final few decades of kilometres France's dual carriageways received an absolute SPANKING, at the mercy of our two wheeled steeds.

We finished off the day with some locally sourced champagne and bucket based chicken goods courtesy of KFC.

Keep truckin'

  • Name: Soissons to Troyes
  • Elevation: ..... m
  • Latitude: 48° 1332North
  • Longitude: 4° 757East


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