London to Monaco

Aug 16

Troyes to Dijon

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Day 5

Total miles covered today: 99 (112 really)

Total miles covered: 438

Who dropped the toffee?

We begun our second century epic with the sun on our left, we finished the day with it nowhere to be seen. We made our way through towns and forests with BRUTAL PACE, until we hit a 'not regularly maintained road', which apparently is French for craggy mountain pass, knee deep in scree. Whilst our tyres took one for the team our average speed was rapidly deflated.

In a noble effort to pick up the pace and get a new high score on a leafy village speed trap, too much power led to a major mechanical error with Andy's crank sheering into next week and leaving it cloven and bereft of structural integrity. Needless to say Andy arrived late to lunch, and received less prawns as a consequence. No seafood for him, nono.

The afternoon paid witness to intense cycle-ogical testing by the French countryside. We made an unintentional detour into a valley. Rather like when a cat climbs into a bath, it was very easy to slide in but the claw out was slightly more problematic.

On the plus side the seven or so kilometre descent into Dijon with intense speeds clocked, gnarly bends navigated and uphill cyclists mocked, certainly cut the mustard. Pun definitely intended.

Dijon was a pictueresque town ravaged by the shadow of industry. The very industry that left us lost, confused and very frustrated, but nearly an hour after entering the city we had arrived at a very reasonable iteration of the Premiere Class hotel.

We shall slumber deeply tonight, maybe forever.

  • Name: .....
  • Elevation: ..... m
  • Latitude: 47° 1717North
  • Longitude: 5° 318East


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