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Aug 17

Dijon to Bourg en Bresse

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Day 6

Total miles covered today: 99 (probably significantly more)

Total miles covered: 537

If you can't stand the heat then you probably won't want to cycle through France in the middle of August...

Having our team depleted by one member due to the slimy spectre of diabetes, we donned our tightest lycra in an effort to cheer ourselves up. Truth be told we put on a spectacular flesh show for the people of the Bogogne wine region; they responded with indifference, if not a little disgust.

Yet another French city brought another set of inevitable navigational problems. The cobbled streets of Beaune shook us in all the wrong places, and their one way streets made Salisbury's look like a well thought out transit system.

By lunchtime the heat was well and truly at it's peak, with temperatures hitting 36 degrees. Nothing much happened except for a sighting of a dead cat.

After negotiating another town without any signposts AT ALL, we embarked upon a noble albeit unintentional endeavour to ensure we viewed every scenic vista that France had to offer. In short we got really lost. We smashed it though and reached the hotel well cooked.

Shorter day tomorrow, but we're going through France's second largest city, so who knows, we might not make it out tomorrow.

  • Name: Dijon to Bourg en Bresse
  • Elevation: ..... m
  • Latitude: 46° 135North
  • Longitude: 5° 1456East


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