London to Monaco

Aug 18

Bourg en Bresse to Chasse sur Rhone

Published at 15:16
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Day 7

Total miles covered today: 53

Total miles covered: 590

Out of the frying pan, and into LYON.

It's pretty warm. We hear about your UK ''heatwave'', GUFFAW, and raise you 10 degrees and then cycle right through it for 8 hours.

We skirted around Lyon, French's version of Birmingham stopping in a picturesque supermarket car park for a spot of lunch. Apparently the French are now making baguettes, lets see how they compete on an international scale now shall we...

Windell bosched through another chain in an attempt to flee the searing tarmac counting him out for the remaining sweltering final few miles, close but no cigar.

We have learnt from our experience that the French heat doesn't dissipate until about 8pm, so tomorrow we are waking up at 5am to counter this.

Wish us luck.

  • Name: .....
  • Elevation: ..... m
  • Latitude: 45° 360North
  • Longitude: 4° 4759East


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