Breaking the Cycle - Baja Divide

Feb 07

San Diego

Published at 10:27
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Our time in San Diego has been well-spent. It is warmer than expected for winter, bright sunshine most of the time with temperatures hovering around 25C.

My sister Robin, who lives in Sacramento (northern California) flew down for the weekend, so it was wonderful to have some rare time together. We were able to be tourists for a day, relaxing at on Coronado Island/Beach.

We had booked an AirBnB, not knowing what to expect and in our time here have ended up with two new friends, Bree and Carson. In fact, it has been so much more than we could have imagined - Bree is a journalist for Network 10 here in San Diego and has managed to shoot a story which is to be aired in the next couple of weeks. Bree has driven us around to help us prepare for the journey ahead, and with her husband Carson, they have been a lot of fun.

I gave a couple of presentations to school students; one to 75 4th Graders at Chula Vista Hills Elementary, and this morning a virtual presentation for an organisation called Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants, which went live to seven classes across North America, from Alaska to Pensilvania. It was also streamed live and recorded on YouTube.

On the eve of setting of on out journey down the Baja Peninsula, Chris and I have spent hours trying to work out how to fit all our gear into the new configuration of bags. Bike-packing is a new challenge to us both. Previously we have both cycle toured, where we have more space; panniers either side of the front and back wheels, a handlebar bag and maybe a few extras, such as a tent.

The rugged terrain which we expect on the Baja would not be conducive to carrying too much weight and so bike-packing is the way to go. It is a much more minimalistic way of travelling. Our frames cannot accommodate cycle racks to carry the bags. Instead, smaller bags are strapped to the frame. We have much less storage capacity but, at the same time, we are carrying some hi-tech gear to record and communicate our story. We have just enough to be self-sufficient (tents, sleeping bags and mats, a stove, fuel and cooking gear, bike tools and spares, cameras, a BGAN satellite device, iPad, phones, limited clothes (we're relying on various layers of clothing to keep warm at night), food and water vessels and a few personal items. That's it!

So in a few hours we will finally set off on this new adventure, heading for the town of Tecate, just over the national border in Mexico. In addition to receiving these ExpeNews dispatches, please check out my new website, where you can follow this expedition and others during the year and educators can access curriculum and
connect with others.
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  • Elevation: 41 m
  • Latitude: 32° 4257North
  • Longitude: 117° 940West


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    2018-02-08 03:24:32 Rose Blanden says: Great travels Kate! Looking forward to your future posts....
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    2018-02-07 21:26:55 kristina rivers says: will definitely be sharing - go Kate!
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    2018-02-07 10:55:34 Anne-Marie says: Good luck and travel safely Kate with best wishes Anne-Marie and Issa

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