Svalbard Expedition 2018

Mar 25

Rabot glacier

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The morning was a kerfuffle as we grappled with the correct time. Overnight all of our iPhones were adjusted by their GPS signal forward by one hour due to daylight savings. Somehow we managed to set our watches back instead of forward and ended up 2 hours later in camp than expected.

We climbed up out of Von Post glacier and onto Marit glacier before taking an inadvertent route onto Fimbul icecap, a small protuberance of ice between Rabot glacier and Tempelfjorden. My daughter Mardi and I crossed over it a couple of years ago on our expedition.

Although it was quite a cloudy day we could still see the surrounding mountains clearly, their jagged edges, hence Spitsbergen, in sharp relief against the sky.

The nights have been in the low minus 20s and tonight, perched on the Rabot glacier at 625m, may be colder.

1. Matthieu striding our
2. The team pulls into a drink break

  • Name: Camp 4
  • Elevation: 625 m
  • Latitude: 78° 2129North
  • Longitude: 17° 5825East


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