Svalbard Expedition 2018

Mar 27

Sassen valley

Published at 19:07
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A bluebird day shook out the cobwebs of too much sleep and we launched into the day with a ski along the terminal moraine of Rabot glacier, looking for a cleft between the valley wall to take us to Sassendalen.

Once in the long broad and flat valley we could finally adopt the regime typically used on polar trips, working to the clock, stopping periodically to feed and water, finding a cadence one can maintain for a day, a trip, being a bit militaristic. And so we managed a respectable 17.3km.

Green chicken curry for dinner followed by saved morsels of nuts and chocolate, and a swig of vodka of course.

Pic of Sean and Ilse skiing under a new moon.


  • Name: Camp 6
  • Elevation: 7 m
  • Latitude: 78° 156North
  • Longitude: 17° 1113East


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