Svalbard Expedition 2018

Mar 28


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Overnight heavy clouds descended on the valley and we woke to our camp covered in snow.

A short ski took us to a frozen waterfall, the outlet of Eskerdalen's watercourse in warmer months. Eskerdalen is the connecting valley between Sassendalen and Adventdalen and it’s always a great sight to see reindeer foraging for the first grasses of spring.

Through slowly clearing fog we covered around 15km of hard-earned ground and are now camped on a beautiful flat at the head of Adventdalen. Tomorrow we need to cover around 17km to set us up for a final short day into Longyearbyen.

1. This morning’s camp
2. Anthony and Matt in front of the waterfall.


  • Name: Camp 7
  • Elevation: 135 m
  • Latitude: 78° 1122North
  • Longitude: 16° 4410East


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    2018-03-29 08:48:14 Tom Smit says: Hi Eric and team, great adventure again! Enjoy the cold weather and snow, love the pics!!
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    2018-03-29 08:30:22 big sis says: great following your adventures yet again and you never cease to deliver fantasy to the crew!! spectacular and enchanting indeed!! XXX
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    2018-03-29 01:54:40 Stu says: What an adventure for all! Ilse - I've just caught up on your trip and it looks amazing, can not wait to hear stories of the adventure. It looks as though all are doing well and in good company! Stay safe and enjoy!
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    2018-03-29 01:25:09 Eden Maxwell says: How primal--
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    2018-03-28 18:34:19 says: Whishing you and your team all the very best. Have fun. Greetings from a fresh Holland.

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