Svalbard Expedition 2018

Mar 29

All but done

Published at 17:40
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Cold overnight, I needed my Nalgene hot water bottle and sleeping booties inside my sleeping bag. The forecast is for colder days ahead so I’ll rug up tonight for our last night.

Adventdalen is a stunningly beautiful valley lined with spectacular mountains etched by ridges and galleys. But it’s also the thoroughfare for teams of snowmobiles heading out for day trips to Tempelfjorden and the east coast. It’s also the start of Easter break so many locals are heading for the cabins.

At lunch Ant pulled out a nest of Kinder Surprises, being Easter and all. Always a treat to devour chocolate and play with little toys. Thanks Ant!

We skied swiftly for 15km down the valley under a blue sky with a chilly tail breeze and are now camped 10km from Longyearbyen. Tomorrow we ski to the road and are collected by bus to take us to my storage warehouse, and the town delights of cafe’s and hotels.


1. Leaving camp
2. American adventurers Jonathan and DeNise
3. Our lunch treat

  • Name: Camp 8
  • Elevation: 23 m
  • Latitude: 78° 117North
  • Longitude: 16° 517East


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    2018-03-31 01:55:40 says: R'kerk means Ridderkerk,the town where Willi lives.Adelaide Crows defeated Richmond Tigers by 36 points. Is it your intention to break up in LYB or add trip to the pole? We all wish you success. with Love
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    2018-03-29 19:40:56 says: Hi Eric & team, one more night in the tent and then this expedition is back on again with good result. Congratulations! Such a chocolate surprise we now here too - haha. Happy Esther and greetings from R'kerk.

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