Hamiltons Cross-Country Adventure 2010

Aug 01

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It is getting down to the final weeks of our trip! Once we emerged
from the Grand Canyon, it was decision time. Head east to Santa Fe
and complete a swing south through TX, LA and the deep south OR head
north and spend time in Utah and Colorado before a rapid return to the
east? We chose the latter based on August temperatures and the
difficulty of a return trip to UT and CO with camping equipment on

So far, we couldn’t be more excited about our choice! Our first stop
was Zion National Park. Neither of us knew much about the place. Two
hikes came highly recommended – the Narrows (a narrowing canyon formed
by the Virgin River) and Angel’s Landing. Flash flood warnings for
the Narrows made our decision easy. Caroline was still feeling the
effects of the GC hikes, so Chris set out for Angel’s Landing solo.

The hike was an absolute thrill!! It certainly lands in the top 5 all
time! The first two miles are straightforward switchbacks, but the
last 1/2 mile is unlike any trail either of us has hiked. The trail
turns into a narrow path across a saddle and up a ridgeline with 800+
ft cliffs on either side. Thank goodness for chains that the park
service has strategically placed along the way! The reward was
incredible views and a great sense of accomplishment.

The cherry on top was a surprise meeting with Caroline at the start of
the final section.

Next up Bryce Canyon!
  • Name: Zion National Park, Utah
  • Elevation: 0 m
  • Latitude: 37° 123North
  • Longitude: 112° 5910West


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