Hamiltons Cross-Country Adventure 2010

Aug 04

Dispatch #26

Published at 23:27
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As soon as we crossed the state line from Utah to Colorado it started
raining, and it rarely stopped over the next 48 hours. Our hopes of
an attempt on one of Colorado’s many 14,000 foot peaks were dashed.
Despite the weather, we had the good fortune of making a last second
decision to spend the night near Telluride, CO. There can’t be many
better places to spend a rainy day than among the quaint streets,
coffee shops, and book stores of this town. In addition to skiing,
Telluride is home to bluegrass, jazz and art festivals throughout the
summer. While our visit fell in between, we are already planning a
return trip to attend one in 2011.

During a dry spell, we rode the free tram up onto the mountain for
lunch and checked out some picturesque aspen trees. One of the
Telluride highlights for Chris was buying a rubber duck for the Koto
Duck Race. (Simple pleasures...) The annual fundraiser drops ~500
rubber ducks into the racing San Miguel River and the first ones to
reach the finish line win prizes (including a season ski pass, tickets
to future festivals, etc.) It evoked memories of childhood games
racing sticks in the creeks of Easton, MD. Fingers crossed for August
6th!! (http://www.koto.org/node/1756)

From Telluride, we drove to Ouray, a fun town which has been dubbed
the “Switzerland of the USA.” From our perspective, the slogan
originated from the town’s position at the foot of the mountains, more
than the feel of the town itself (unless you equate the Matterhorn
Motel with a swiss chalet!) We camped in a beautiful spot above the
town in Amphitheater State Park, surviving yet another rainy evening.

The next morning it continued to rain, so we decided to get out of
dodge and head down to New Mexico in hopes of finding dry land! Taos
beckoned. We drove the "million dollar highway" through Silverton,
Durango and into O'Keefe country. A fried twinkie from The Pitts
Again in Silverton made the highlight reel!

  • Name: Telluride, Colorado
  • Elevation: +0 m
  • Latitude: 37° 5621North
  • Longitude: 107° 4859West


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