Northern Patagonian Icecap crossing 2009

nov 06

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Borge Ousland
Back to Patagonia!
All sinse Thomas and I had our grand crossing of the Patagonia Glaciers have had numerous enquiries from people wanting to join me to experience what I consider one of the most incredible trips anywhere.
But the Patagonian glaciers are no ‘walk in the park, and you do not bring people up there on random. So this yea I am out to scout for a possible trip earmarked those who to join my team to get a real challenge and a stunning encounter with nature.
With we are Bengt Rotmo, a very accomplice explorer in his own right and experienced guide, plus Thorleif Nøkleby who is a real adventure seeking fanatic. Together we will cross the Northern Glacier in something like 18 days.
Now we are in Puerto Montt and enjoying Chile very much. Not only does this country work very well, it is heaven for you taste bud as well. I, as a diver, am a fish fanatic, and in that respect you can hardly find a better place than just here. The Fish marked restaurants of Puerto Montt is for me what I guess ‘Toys R us for kids.
With lots of help from friends in Santiago and Jan Svoren here, preparations have gone very smooth. It has been very lots of detailed work, packing, food mixing and visits to the officials. But now all seems good. We are in great shape and can’t wait to get started this weekend..
  • Nombre: Puerto Montt
  • Elevación: 15 m
  • Latitud: 41° 2821Sur
  • Longitud: 72° 5642Oeste


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