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I've arrived in Kathmandu! Flights all went very smoothly and I'm not
too tired. We're sorting the last few bits and pieces out here:
communications and buying little extras like pee bottles! I've sorted
my bags and the majority of my kit is going straight to basecamp as I
won't need all the climbing gear on the trek. We leave Kathmandu at 4am
tomorrow to fly to Lukla "on the first flight" (everyone is on the
first flight, so you basically just turn up and wait several hours
until you get your seat). The planes are little rickety 18 seaters and
Lukla is the most dangerous airport in the world! Peoplpe often joke
it's the most dangerous part of the expedition.
We will begin trekking from Lukla, and will walk slowly to basecamp
over about 10 days to give enough time for acclimatisation. I've met
the guy I'll be spending most of my time with, James, who also played a
huge part in me getting my sponsor at the last minute! James rowed the
Atlantic last year, so I'm sure they'll be lots of stories!
I'm gradually getting more and more excited as it is beginning to feel
very real!
  • Nombre: Kathmandu
  • Elevación: 1400 m
  • Latitud: 27° 4160Norte
  • Longitud: 85° 1960Este


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