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mar 20

Made a start

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We made a start on the main expedition, the first leg is to follow a
newly made snowmobile trail from Fort McPherson to Old Crow. According
to the locals, this is a traditional route but the trail had not been
made for ten years. It is certainly a privilege to be able to follow
this route, a journey of around 250km.
As Theresa and Claudio did not arrive in Fort McPherson until after
midnight on the 17th, we decided to take our time to get ready to set
off. There was much to do - organising and loading equipment and
supplies has been a huge job for Bob and Theresa. Claudio had a lot to
do too, organising his kit, ensuring there would be a satisfactory
system for charging all his gear and that he had the right clothes to
stay warm while riding a snowmobile and filming in the extreme cold.
All these preparations took most of the day and we didn?t set off
until 4.30pm. It was important to make a start on the trail. We
managed 16km as a team in two hours; one snowmobile had to be pulled
out of a deep bog.
Day 2

It still took half a day for everything to be packed, but I managed a
steady pace from 2pm - 8pm. Our aim was to reach a cabin at the base of
a mountain pass, which we did, but unusually it was taken by a team of
mushers who are travelling in the opposite direction.
Our route has been stunning so far, following the frozen Stoney Creek, a
tributary of the Peel River (runs beside Fort McPherson). The creek is
flanked by sheer cliffs for most of the way. The trail is firmer than I
expected which means I can move along at a steady 9-10km/hr. The
temperature has been steadily rising from about -20C to -10C maximum,
but down to -30C at night.
The general way the team works is that Claudio and I set off once we?re
ready while Bob and Theresa finish packing up camp. They will meet us
once or twice during the ride and then go ahead and prepare the next
campsite, when we?ve established how far I can get.
So far this has been as good as it gets; two sunny, clear days, a
reasonably firm trail (still hard work though) following a stunning
frozen creek with gorges either side. Tomorrow is going to be a real
challenge though with a steep pass in front of us.
This will be the first blog sent from our Iridium Pilot.

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    2017-03-22 21:34:38 Geoff and Annie Dempster dijo: Wow. What a team.thanks for the pics . Let's hope the weather and the Dempster way stays clear.
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    2017-03-21 04:25:57 Dick Friend dijo: Bogging the snow machines, eh? Nothing like the reliability of super-human Kate-power! How you didn't have to expend precious energy digging it out. All strength to you!
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    2017-03-21 00:42:03 Mick Gardiner dijo: G'day Kate. I won't complain about having cold hands riding my motorbike on a frosty morning ! Well done! That's beautiful scenery and g'day to Claudio ! Keep the batteries warm mate!
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    2017-03-20 23:44:13 Derrick dijo: Great to see better progress than on the Dempster. Hope all are warm and in good spirits.
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    2017-03-20 23:39:53 jane dijo: Sounds exciting. Parking your bike isn't hard is it? Is everyone happy with their clothes now?
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    2017-03-20 20:56:02 Ace dijo: Great Progress!

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