South Pole via Kansas Glacier

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A pretty tough day but exactly what we needed. The incessant head wind, requiring all of our headwear meshed together, allowed everyone to test their systems in preparation for the extreme exposure of the plateau above us.

The mountains gain in stature as we head for the base of the Reedy Glacier. Last year, together with Keith Tuffley and Rob Smith, we made the first ascent of the Reedy and across the plateau to the pole in 34 days. Our current camp is very close to last year?s camp 4, at the base of a small pinch that will take us onto the glacier.

Jade is doing a great job, her 27-day Greenland crossing in May has prepared her well for this big trip and she?s towing her 80kg+ sled with a steadiness beyond her years. We covered 18km in 7.5 hours of hauling, no mean feat with a bullying wind.

Kick arse Moroccan Lamb for dinner. Mmmmm!


Pics of Paul skiing past my sled, Jade and Paul at lunch and the start of a snotsickle on Heath?s face mask.

  • Nombre: Camp 3
  • Elevación: 648 m
  • Latitud: 85° 265Sur
  • Longitud: 136° 1938Oeste


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    2017-12-08 07:50:57 Keith Tuffley dijo: Oops - I mean our lost solar panel! (I now remember we lost one solar panel off the back of our sled, but that our 3 batteries simply died in the cold). Hoping you have better batteries this time! Good to see your great progress on the ice.
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    2017-12-08 07:48:46 Keith Tuffley dijo: Mate - have you found our lost battery yet?!!

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