South Pole via Kansas Glacier

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better conditions, better progress

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The afternoon of rest had its desired effect - we skied almost 21km in 7.15 hours, a record for the trip. And what a contrast in weather. -22c, still and blue, we were dressed in light clothing, up until a post-lunch ceiling of thick cloud and a slight zephyr from the east robbed our warmth.

We crossed the ice road again, leaving it far to the east, and are now on a course due south. 385km remains between us and the South Pole and we have covered 200.

Ming and Heath tried flying the drone today but unsuccessfully, too many gizmos - drone, smartphone and controller - relying on power in the cold. They are carrying around 15kg of camera gear, shooting for a Melbourne production company - WTFN - who will produce a National Geographic feature-length documentary about Jade?s polar hat-trick - North Pole, Greenland and South Pole (assuming we arrive at our destination!).

I spent much of the day tallying our stove fuel reserves, consumption and days remaining. It will be tight, down to the last litre if we require the full forty days to complete the trip. Such is the nature of unsupported expeditions, too little and you run out, too much and you increase sled weights and travel slower.

1. Stir crazy - me after taking to one of the tent?s external zip covers that flaps incessantly in the wind, courtesy of Heath
2. Ming prepares the drone as Paul looks on
3. The inimitable Ming
4. Ring around the sun, courtesy of Heath

  • Nombre: Camp 13
  • Elevación: 2384 m
  • Latitud: 86° 3241Sur
  • Longitud: 137° 1732Oeste


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    2017-12-18 21:33:28 Eden Maxwell dijo: Eric--great to a see a closeup of your courageous self.
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    2017-12-18 18:14:03 Keith Tuffley dijo: Nice parhelion! Hmm, 15kg of extra weight on the sled ... that sounds familiar!!

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